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Welcome to Crystal Little League (CLL) registration for the 2017 season!

Eligibility to participate in CLL baseball requires that two conditions must be met. First, the player must meet the age requirements for the league of choice and second, the player must be able to demonstrate residency in the CLL boundary area or proof of school attendance is in the CLL boundaries.  Click on the link below for CLL boundaries.

Volunteer Deposit/Shift Information:

You will notice that there is not a volunteer deposit charge when completing the registration. We began in the 2013 season with requiring a deposit check in the amount of $300.00 per family in order for each player to participate. Your child(ren) will not receive their uniform if a deposit is not received before opening day on May 6, 2017. Please note that the check WILL NOT be cashed, unless all required shifts are not completed at the END of the tournament season, mid-end of July.  We will be collecting the deposit checks during the evaluation days of March 19th and March 20th.  You may turn in your school enrollment form at evaluations also. 

In past years, we required families to complete a certain amount of hours depending on how many players they had registered.  Starting in 2014 we required a certain amount of shifts to be completed. This is due to some of the jobs that we provide for the volunteers ending earlier or later than others. A shift typically lasts two hours.  More information will be provided before the season begins.  

One player (5 shifts), Two players (7 shifts) and Three or more players (8 shifts). Please note that this is the minimum required to receive the deposit back at the end of the tournament season in mid-end of July. We welcome families to complete more shifts if they desire.  Questions about volunteer requirements can be directed to Jen O'Neill, CLL Volunteer Coordinator-763-443-3493.  You may e-mail Jen at:

Each family will need to complete one of their volunteer shifts during a post season tournament hosted by Crystal Little League.  This year we are planning on hosting 3 tournaments, the first one is mid June to early July.  The second tournament is after 4th of July to mid July and the third tournament will be the end of July to the first week in August.  

Payment Plan:

We do offer a payment plan for all families. During the registration process you will be given the options of paying in full or splitting the fee into 2 payments.

For those families that select the payment plan options, the following schedule will apply for payments.

For the 2 Payment plan option:

PAYMENT PLAN:  Fees are divided into 2 installments with the first installment of half (50%) to be collected online upon conclusion of  registration via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account. The remaining balance of half (50%) will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT on March 17th, 2017.

New this year

Opening day for all players is scheduled for May 6th, 2017.  A-Minor and Major players will finish the regular season on Saturday, June 17th.  Those teams will continue to play in a post season tournament starting approximately June 19th and wrapping up by June 30th. 

Rookie and B-Minor players will start on May 6th and continue playing through the end of June.  Their season will finish on June 30, 2017.  This is a change from previous years.  The season will be two weeks longer for the rookie and B-Minor players, but the price will stay the same. 

More new and exciting changes this year!

Crystal Little League will be offering a late summer baseball program-Sandlot Baseball.  This will be available to all age levels (rookies-majors).  It will start on July 31st and wrap up on August 31st.  All games and practices will take place on Monday-Thursday evenings.  Teams will have two games each week.  The best part is, no weekends!  You can play baseball to the end of summer and still take a family vacation or head to your cabin!  Cost of the league will be $50 if you register before July 1st.  Registration after July 1st will cost $60.  Registration fee includes a team t-shirt.  Players are responsible for providing their own pants, socks and hats. 


Raffle Tickets Fundraiser

Each player is required to sell at least 25 raffle tickets.  There are also prizes for the players that sell the most tickets.The raffle ticket sale along with our annual Burger Bash, is one of our big fundraisers for the year.  The money is used to cover operating expenses throughout the season and keep our registration fees low.  Raffle tickets are $2/ticket ($10/pack) and there are lots of fabulous prizes.   Questions about the raffle ticket fundraiser can be directed to Amy Kurtz-Team Parent/Raffle Coordinator at 612-964-3792.

The below registration will need to be filled out by persons that would like to volunteer as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach of any team. This form also needs to be filled out by parents/guardians that would like to be considered for the manager position of their players team.

Julie Barich


Phone: 763-242-9228