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Post-Season Tournaments



Welcome to 2017 Crystal Post-Season Baseball!

We are quickly coming up to the end of the 2017 regular season for Crystal Little League. It has been a successful season for Crystal!!


Beginning the week of June 19, all A-Minor and Major teams will be competing in post-season tournaments throughout District 1.

     - A-Minor Classic – June 20 – 30 – These games are all played at the Crystal and Robbinsdale Little League fields.

The Major teams will be playing in 4 different tournaments – based on how they finish the regular season in Crystal. All tournaments will be held from June 20-30.

 1st Place – District Classic Tournament – Golden Valley
 2nd Place – Firecracker Tournament – Coon Rapids Cardinal Fields
 3rd Place – Raspberry Tournament – Hopkins Little League Fields
 4th Place – Raspberry Tournament – Hopkins Little League Fields
 5th Place – Earl Browne Tournament – Brooklyn Center

Entrance fees for the tournaments listed above are paid by Crystal Little League.

July – All-Star and Select Tournament Teams

Additional tournaments are held in July at each age level. There is one team from Crystal at each tournament. Those players may represent all of the Crystal teams and are chosen in a selection process.

8 year old Select Team – Will play at 8 yo tournament in Golden Valley Jun 26-28. This team will be put together from all 8 year olds; however it is a “kids pitch” tournament.

11/12 Select Team – This team is scheduled to participate in a tournament held at Plymouth New Hope fields, beginning the second weekend in July. (This tournament was previously called Mauer Cup Tournament.)

All-Star Tournaments

The District All-Star tournament season will begin in July, with teams selected in mid-June.

The District Tournaments will played as follows:

 9 year old – Played at Crystal
 10 year old – Hopkins Little League fields
 11 year old – St. Louis Park Little League fields
 12 year old – Golden Valley Little League fields

All-Star play is an opportunity for players, chosen by the coaches, to play in a competitive post season tournament against other Little League All-Star teams in the District. It is this Disctrict tournament that all 12 year old team begin the march to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

Official dates for 2017 All Star team games (subject to change by LLA) are:

 July 7-21, 2017 – All-Star Tournament 
 July 22-August 2 – Metro All-Star Tournament w/ District 2 – This tournament is for those All-Star teams that do not move on to the State Tournament.
 End of July – State Tournament; This tournament is for the 1st place team in the 9/10, 10/11 and 11/12 District All-Star Tournaments. 
 August – Central Region Little League Tournament, Indianapolis, IN

Due to the short amount of time available to prepare these teams for tournament play, full team participation for all events is critical. Chosen players can expect to be having All-Star practices even though regular season teams may still be playing. (Especially at the older ages).

It is possible that practices are held every day

Post Season Commitment and All-Star Tournament Rules.

In order to be considered for a Crystal All-Star or Select Tournament team, parents of the player must read and complete the attached availability form whether they would like their player considered or not!

(Availability form available at this link:

Parent and Players must abide by the All-Star and post-season commitments outlined below by clicking "Agree" at the bottom of the Survey.

I. All-Star Team and Select Tournament Team Members will: 

   a. Be available for practices beginning June 16th and games through pool play and bracket play of chosen tournaments.

  b. Tell the Head Coach about any conflicts, including all scheduled vacations between June16th and the end of August, so the coach may determine if the absences are acceptable. (If a player is scheduled to be gone during tournament games, that could be a deciding factor when selecting teams.) 

  c. Understand that tournament rules are different than regular season rules. Equal Playing time is not required. The teams will carry 13 players. Some players may only play the minimum time required by league and/or tournament rules, which could be 1 at bat per game.

  d. If a player becomes unavailable for games or practices at any time during the tournament the Head Coach can decide to remove the player from the team. 

  e. Support and Cheer on all team members during the tournament games.

II. Parents will:

  a. Understand that tournament rules are different than regular season rules. Equal Playing time is not required. Some players may only play the minimum time required by league and/or tournament rules which could be 1 at bat per game.

  b. Understand that there is an extra fee to participate in post-season play that covers costs of a new uniform and  tournament fees .  
  c. Make every effort to get their player to all practices and games on time.

  d. Support ALL decisions made by the Head Coach throughout the tournaments regardless, if they agree with them or not.

  e. Tell the Head Coach about all scheduled absences between June and August.

  f. Support and Cheer on all team members during the tournament games.

  g. Agree to pay additional Tournament fees – checks can be made out to CLL and must be paid no later than June 21 (8 year olds) and July 1 (all other teams)

III. Dates and fees of All-Star and Select Tournaments for commitment purposes are:

  a. 8/9 All-Star – July 7-22 – Crystal - $50 per player fee
  b. 9/10 All-Star – July 7-21 – Hopkins  - $75 per player fee
  c. 10/11 All-Star – July 7-21 – St. Louis Park - $75 per player fee
  d. 11/12 All-Star – July 7-21 – Golden Valley - $75 per player fee

  e. U8 Select  - July 7-9 Golden Valley Tournament – Golden Valley fields - $50 fee
  f. 9/10 Select  - July 7-21Memorial Tournament – Plymouth, Zachary fields - $50 fee
  g. 11/12 Select - July 7-21Memorial Tournament – Plymouth, Zachary fields - $50 fee
**Depending on numbers, we may or may not elect to field teams at all of the Selects levels
  h. 10, 11, 12 Metro Classic All-Star Tournaments – July 20-August 1 – Tourney Cost split among roster - approx. $25 per player
          i. 9/10 – Metro Classic – July 22-August 2 – Centennial (District 2)
          ii. 10/11 – Metro Classic – July 22-August 2 – St. Louis Park
          iii. 11/12 – Metro Classic – July 22-August 2 – Crystal

District 1 Website

Brackets, news and results for the All-Star tournaments.

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