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Letter from the President

Greetings Crystal and Robbinsdale Little League parents, players and fans. The 2020 Little League season is just around the corner and we have some exciting changes taking place within our local associations. Due to our numbers decreasing annually, Crystal and Robbinsdale Little Leagues will be combining forces for the 2020 season in anticipation of an official merger for the 2021 season and beyond.

The 2020 season will combine all players registering for both Crystal and Robbinsdale Little Leagues into the same player pool which teams will be drawn from at each respective level of play (Majors, A Minor, B Minor and Rookies). This means that all teams will be comprised of a mix of both Robbinsdale and Crystal players and coaches.

This will most likely affect post season rosters as well, pending approval from the Central Little League Region administrator. The goal for combining both associations is to remain competitive with our neighboring communities while further developing the skills of future high school baseball and softball players. With this change comes the possibility that a few players that have been All Star players in the past may not be All Star players in the future. That does not mean that they can’t compete in post season tournaments. This change also brings additional post season teams and opportunities for players to play in tournaments after our regular season has ended.

This change also brings the opportunity for the boards for both associations to start working together as a new team, to develop a new brand of baseball. For the 2020 season, spectators and players may see both Robbinsdale and Crystal Little League logos and signage at the parks.

After the 2020 season has concluded, both boards will continue to work together to form the future direction of the program(s). This will likely result in new logos and a new brand, incorporating both Crystal and Robbinsdale in the title of the association as we move forward.

Currently, all registrations will be run through the current Crystal Little League website. The registration process contains a check box asking if you are registering for Crystal or Robbinsdale Little League. The check box is only for record keeping and to help keep track of players from each association for the current season.

This is my 19th year with Crystal Little League and I’ve seen many changes. Unfortunately, the declining numbers has the biggest impact on both of our associations. Both associations have discussed the current state of their programs and believe it is in the best interest of the kids to combine programs together at this time. We understand there will be a few parents opposed to the change. If they honestly look at the situation and assess what is best for the future of baseball in the Robbinsdale and Crystal communities and not what they hope for their individual children, I believe we can make this a successful transition year and one that we can all be proud to say they were a part of creating a new legacy in the making.

John Ripka – President Crystal Little League

    2020 Regular Season Registration is Open!

    Registration for the 2020 baseball season is underway.  Why not get it done today and cross it off your to do list!

    New this year-all players registering January 15th-February 15th will be put into a drawing for a credit for one dib shift.  Five lucky families will be drawn.  Winners will be notified February 16th.  

    Our first registration incentive was a free spring training session.  Since we have combined with Robbinsdale Little League, we are happy to say that ALL spring training sessions will be free for every player that wants to attend.  So we are going to enter everyone family who registers by February 15th into a drawing where we will pull TEN lucky families names for a free dibs shift.  

    Also new this year, if you refer a new family to Crystal Little League, make sure they put your name in the referral box on the registration and your family (the referring family) will receive credit for one volunteer shift!

    Crystal Little League baseball is located in Crystal, Minnesota. We are a Little League baseball program for boys and girls ages 6 to 12 that are residents of the City of Crystal.  Field Locations

    Message From the President

    Greetings Crystal Little League families and friends.

    As you are all probably aware of it, Crystal Little League is operated and sustained by volunteers. Without the hard work of volunteers, Crystal Little League would not be able to survive. A number of these volunteers are members of the Crystal Little League Board of Directors. Because there is a continuous pattern of turnover with Little League players, there is also a continuous pattern of turnover among the CLL Board members.

    Typically, every year brings a number of outgoing board members to the end of their service, opening up opportunities for new volunteers to step in to carry on the duties of that position, as well as bring new ideas to the program. Some positions are easily transitioned into, while others may require “shadowing” or having an incoming member work with an outgoing member for a period of time to learn the roles and responsibilities of that position.

    I am reaching out to the Crystal Little League families asking for you to consider volunteering to join the Crystal Little League Board of Directors. Positions that may soon be vacated or already have been vacated include Registrar, Information Officer/Website Administration, Tournament Coordinator/Coaches Coordinator and Scheduling Coordinator. Some of these positions would require “shadowing” the current board member to help with the transition into the position.

    If you are interested in joining the Crystal Little League Board of Directors, or would like more information regarding any position, please contact any current Board Member. Contact information for all Board Members is on the Crystal Little League website . Click on the “Board” tab to find contact information.

    John Ripka

    President – Crystal American Little League Baseball

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