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    Unexpected Passing of Robb Malone

    Greetings RCLL Families,


       It is with great sorrow that this message is received today. Yesterday morning, Robbinsdale Crystal Little League Secretary and Majors Head Coach Robb Malone passed away unexpectedly  from COVID-19 complications. Robb was the husband to Relina and father to Teagan, Kenzie, Jamen, Ty and Talia. 

       Robb was involved for many years with the Robbinsdale Little League program before the Robbinsdale and Crystal programs merged this winter. Robb has served on the merged board as Secretary, as well as the Head Coach of the 2021 Major Twins team. Robb was an extremely kind and generous man, and will be missed dearly. Friends and family of Robb Malone are devastated with his loss.

       A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the Malone family. Any support you can give would be much appreciated. To donate to Robb's Go Fund Me page, follow this link:

    Malone Family Go Fund Me




    John Ripka

    President Robbinsdale Crystal Little League


    Robb Malone

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    COVID-19 Contact Tracing

    Please complete the COVID-19 Contact Tracing form below BEFORE EVERY PRACTICE AND GAME (HOME OR AWAY) - Please complete one for each player, coach and parent spectators.  If your player has a spectator other than a parent, please complete one for them, too.

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      Robbinsdale-Crystal Little League is a baseball program for boys and girls ages 5 to 12 that are residents of the Cities of Robbinsdale or Crystal or a student enrolled at a school within the Robbinsdale Area School District.  Field Locations

      A Message From the President - 4/26/21

      Greetings Robbinsdale and Crystal Little League families,


         As we approach the opener for another season of baseball, there are a couple of items I would like to address as we move forward. Attention to these topics can help assure we have a great season without any major setbacks or cancellations of games or practices.

         The first is the presence of COVID-19. We take this virus very seriously and we hope that nobody within our organization, including players, coaches, parents or siblings contract the virus. We need everybody to take precautions and help insure that we don’t get a widespread case of the virus. Among the precautions to take:

      • If you don’t feel well, or are experiencing any COVID like symptoms, please stay home
      • Consider getting tested if you feel any of the known COVID symptoms
      • Wear face coverings when not actively participating in a game or practice (masks are to be worn in the dugouts, outside of the fields, and by all spectators)
      • Maintain social distancing when not actively playing (minimum of 6 feet spacing between people)
      • Recommended, but not required, to get tested weekly, even if you feel healthy
      • Comply with all posted requirements at the venue of the event


         Also, while we understand that it might be convenient to run errands when your children are attending a baseball practice or game, it is highly discouraged that parents leave the facility or venue during these events. In the unfortunate event that an injury or illness occurs, it is very important for a parent or guardian to be immediately accessible for the injured or ill player. In addition, in the event that inclement weather forces a cancellation of an event in progress, children should have rides available immediately. Also, coaches are volunteering their time, and it is unfair to them if they have to wait for players to be picked up after a game or practice.


         Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for practicing safe habits. Hopefully, we can have a season with no positive cases of COVID and no lost games or practices because of it.


      Have a great season!


      John Ripka

      President Robbinsdale Crystal Little League

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