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Minor League Classic

Bracket SemiFinals

Round 3 / Semi-Finals are posted.

Pitch counts will be posted the morning of game day.


  1. Winning coaches should submit score sheets to tournament director before they leave the field.  All results need to get to CRYSTAL TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR as soon as possible so the schedule can be updated.
  • Assume the game will be played, regardless of weather forecast, until you are told otherwise!

Good luck to all!

Pitching Rest
Pool Team Player Name or No. Date of Game No. of Pitches Days Rest Next Day Eligible
NLL LumberKings Jase 2018-06-26 35 1 2018-06-28
NLL LumberKings Max 2018-06-26 79 4 2018-07-01
NLL LumberKings Graham K 2018-06-26 35 1 2018-06-28
NLL Lumberking Cam Court. 2018-06-28 75 4 2018-07-03
PNH Reds Milo D 2018-06-27 76 4 2018-07-02
PNH Reds Kaden B 2018-06-26 48 2 2018-06-29
PNH Reds Alex 2018-06-25 77 4 2018-06-30
PNH Reds Drew G 2018-06-27 49 2 2018-06-30
PNH Reds Bowman 2018-06-28 81 4 2018-07-03
PNH Reds Hall 2018-06-28 56 2 2018-07-01
Jet Hawks Mason K 2018-06-27 62 4 2018-07-02
Jet Hawks Ben J 2018-06-26 30 1 2018-06-28
Jet Hawks Jackson J 2018-06-26 45 2 2018-06-29
Jet Hawks Johnson 2018-06-28 65 3 2018-07-02
PNH Mariners John Schultz 2018-06-26 33 1 2018-06-28
PNH Mariners Alex 2018-06-27 34 1 2018-06-29
PNH Mariners Ethan 2018-06-27 46 2 2018-06-30
PNH Mariners #9 2018-06-28 75 4 2018-07-03

2018 A-Minor Classic Welcome!

Welcome all A-Minor Teams to the 2018 Minor League Classic, hosted by Crystal Little League and Robbinsdale Little League!

We have a big tournament this year, with lots of games in a handful of days!

A couple of items for coaches and managers:

-Take a little additional time to review all the rules.  It will help reduce delays during and before the games.

-As competition ramps up, so does stress.  Please speak with players and parents about good sportsmanship, towards other players, other coaches, other parents and the umpire.

-Please fill out the game score submittal sheet and email it to Andrew Cooper at the email listed.  Keep the hard copy with you for the next game, so that it can be reviewed by the other coaches, umpires and tournament officials and volunteers for pitcher eligibility.

-Make sure you double check the official pitch count from the score keeper prior to signing it.  If you sign it at a number of pitches over a threshold for rest, that dictates rest required.

-If there is rain, please still anticipate the games will be played and arrive at the field and be prepared to start the game at the scheduled time.  We don't have a lot of options for rain make-ups in the condensed time frame, so we will do our very best at every turn to make sure we play the game.  An assumption of cancellation and no-show, may result in a forfeit.

Good Luck to all!

Pitching Records


Please review your pitching records and days of rest.  

Some records on submitted score sheets, have been different than the official pitching record.

Some records have an incorrect number of rest days.

Don't have a game forfeit because you accidently pitched a player who was ineligible.


Score Sheets

From the Crystal Little League Tournament Director-

As you complete your games, please fill out and submit the MLC Score Sheet Form, which can be downloaded from the right hand side of this web page.

Please email it to

In the subject line of the email, please indicate the teams playing.  It will help me sort the sheets in an otherwise crowded inbox.

Please fill out the sheets in their entirety.  This includes defensive innings.

Thanks everyone!

Andrew Cooper

Tournament Director / Coach Coordinator

Phone: 952-240-1979

Field Locations


Fields: Crystal West Metro, Crystal A-Minor, Crystal B-Minor
4800 Douglas Drive Ave N, Crystal 55428

Game Times are 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm on Weekdays on both fields

*unless otherwise noted

Robbinsdale - Lakeview Terrace

Fields: Robbinsdale LVT-CV and LVT-N
3769 Crystal Lake Blvd, Robbinsdale 55422
(36th Ave N and Hwy 81 (Bottineau Blvd)

Game Times are 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm on Weekdays on LVT-N

Game Times are 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm on Weekdays on LVT-S

*unless otherwise noted